Rise of the B2C President: How Obama Won and Trump Keeps Winning?

I love what Trump has done to our democracy.

We may not like Trump’s hatred toward Islam, and we may not like his views on what he wants to do to illegal immigrants but we know exactly where he stands and he speaks from the gut. He may be lying but you know clearly and emphatically what he is saying unlike the non-answers given by most major politicians on any controversial issue.

I will never vote for Trump but I think he is a demonstration of transformation of our democracy.

Authentic Laughs

We all remember asking ourselves after Gore lost against Bush and then transformed into a loquacious, funny guy — where was this Gore all this time?

Now, as Marco Rubio comes out of his shell to land some punches — we are asking the same question again — where was this Rubio all this time?

Now, we see Bernie, Cruz, Trump — all going direct to citizens answering our questions in plain English.

Over the years, there has been a professionalization of how campaigns are run — someone tells you what to wear, how to hug, how to smile, how much to smile, whom to talk to, which talk shows to appear on, and on it goes. In tech world, we would call this — MBAs taking over your marketing and killing the soul.

The citizens of these United States are sick and tired of this act. We want answers. We demand honest, direct answers on where our candidates stand.

Like a frog slowly boiled to death, our leading presidential candidates have been coached to death. They became boring, predictable robots who thought all they had to do was getting caught saying the wrong thing.

Consolidate your base and win on the margins — the experts told them. It seemed to work too.

Then Obama happened. He came from nowhere, spoke clearly and won our hearts directly with no middlemen.

The first B2C President was Obama — elected directly by engaged citizens bypassing the establishment.

The rise of candidates like Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump speaks more to our desire to be able to look into the eyes of the candidate and be able to tell where he stands.

Before Trump and his ilk started going direct — B2C, we were bored to death by Hillary and Bush who thought they could offer us rehearsed non-answers at primary time and then in a predictable rehearsed fashion move to the center.

You may say Americans are not very smart but we are no dummies either. We can tell a fake.

Meanwhile, the likes of Trump and Bernie decided to take their simpler, more direct answers directly to the citizens just as a brand on the internet can sell direct to consumer (B2C) and not go through middlemen who have their own agendas and reasons to obfuscate.

I do not believe we should read much more into Trump’s rise than simply that we are angry and fed up with being lied to by practiced politicians seeking our votes who refused to answer our simple questions about our futures.

Now that Rubio and Hillary seem to be really understanding this and going authentic and B2C themselves — we will see a campaign that is much more raw, much more real.

As a citizen, I look forward to making my choice between the real Hillary, the real Rubio, the real Bernie and the very real Trump.

As an atheist, I say — God Bless America!

CEO, Skyflow Privacy Vault, an API company.

CEO, Skyflow Privacy Vault, an API company.