Tech Market Rout: Its Not Your Fault

The market is on fire. And all I want you as a founder/CEO to remember is this.

China is NOT going to kill SaaS, Cloud, Big Data or Mobile

You are building the future technology to run this planet (or at least the invoice management system at mid-size companies.) One, two years from now we will still need newer mobile apps to replace those terrible on premise systems. We will still need to figure out how to use big data to cut health care costs.

Funding may be harder but it will be here & may even increase

Yes, if you have been increasing the burn without worrying about Sales Efficiency, you will have to focus on those details. And some of your competitors who have been walking on water with little innovation may actually disappear. But that can be a good thing.

Increasingly its becoming clear that RISK comes in many shapes. If you have lost 50% of your money in China or India in last 2 years, the manager of that $100B fund may be finding the patient, 7–10 year horizon of technology venture investment to be a relative safe haven.

Nothing to do with your product or market

Remember, when the dust settles, investors will still want to own the best assets poised for long term growth. 2008 did not kill Netflix, Salesforce, Amazon or any of the great companies. The market for digital health or data driven intelligence is not going to go down because of this firesale.

“Its not your fault, son.”

You too should know that.

CEO, Skyflow Privacy Vault, an API company.

CEO, Skyflow Privacy Vault, an API company.