Why iPhone SE is Really iPhone EMI?

Hello India, here comes the Apple juggernaut.

The untold truth of Apple success in last 5 years has been its massive success in China. Despite Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung etc. competing hard, Apple has succeeded in being the most desired brand of phones with a growth rate far ahead of everyone else.

Apple has largely been a me too player in India where its been friends and families of Indians living abroad who usually show up with their Apple gadgets. While most of you think of India and China in similar terms, India has a per capita GDP that is five times smaller. Indians on average earn way less than the Chinese.

The relative high price of Apple phones has been the single biggest reason why Android phones dominate India.

EMI is the single most important variable in India Phone Wars

The iPhone SE is built around a single question: what would a phone that meets the monnthly price point for India look like?

iPhone SE, which is being announced by Tim Cook meets the expectations of India’s buyers — a new phone, sold at EMI they can afford.

In India, you will hear the the 3 letter acronym everywhere — at a store selling blenders to a car showroom. The EMI acronym stands for Equated Monthly Installment — the amount you must pay every month for the loan you take out to buy the object of your desire, or need.

In India, where capital is limited, everyone buys cars and phones on EMI — even the rich.

The Apple iPhone models today have EMIs that are just too big as fraction of monthly salaries. The new SE model suddenly puts a brand new iPhone within the rich of another 200 million consumers — the Indian middle class.

All the features of iPhone SE are designed around its core raison d’etre — an EMI Indians can afford.

Its as if Tim Cook went to Jony Ive and said:

“Here is the EMI, build me a phone.”

The success of the new iPhone depends on meeting this goal.

CEO, Skyflow Privacy Vault, an API company.

CEO, Skyflow Privacy Vault, an API company.